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1/20 Houston, TX Buy
1/23 Charleston, SC Buy

Created by Pilobolus’s dancers and directors in collaboration with lead writer for the popular animated series SpongeBob SquarePants, Steven Banks, Shadowland is a universal and intimately portrayed experience that is both intensely dramatic and comedic. The story is a surreal experience of a young girl’s sensational world as she comes of age.

As the first theatrical event of its kind to tour the globe, Shadowland incorporates multiple moving screens of different sizes and shapes to create an evening-length performance that merges projected images and front-of-screen choreography.

It is set to a rhythmic original score by the popular American musician, producer, and film composer David Poe, whose poetic work for Shadowland ranges from ballads to hard-driving rock numbers that lift the audience out of its seats. His songs illuminate the themes and visuals of this fascinating story and world.

The Story

Night. A small house on a modest street. A teenage girl prepares for bed. While to her parents she is still a little girl, she longs for her independence. With nowhere for her thoughts to go but into her dreams, she sleeps, only to wake to something incredible lurking behind her bedroom wall—her shadow. Walls spin, darkness swallows the girl, and she’s off on a journey into Shadowland—searching for a way out.

Thus begins Shadowland, a signature Pilobolus performance that with the fluid logic of a dream, the grace of an acrobatic dance, the humor of a child’s cartoon diversion and the heart of a love story,  celebrates the strange and wonderful power of the dark to show us who we are in unexpected and utterly thrilling ways.

Upcoming Performances

1/18 San Antonio, TX Buy
Tobin Center for the Performing Arts
Jan 18, 7:30 PM
1/20 Houston, TX Buy
Jesse H. Jones Hall for the Performing Arts
Jan 20, 8:00 PM
1/23 Charleston, SC Buy
Charleston Gaillard Center
Jan 23, 7:30 PM
1/25 - 1/26 Asheville, NC Buy
Diana Wortham Theatre
Jan 25, 8:00pm
Diana Wortham Theatre
Jan 26, 8:00pm
1/28 - 1/29 Washington, D.C. Buy
GW Lisner Auditorium
Jan 28, 8:00pm
GW Lisner Auditorium
Jan 29, 2:00pm
2/4 Fairfield, CT Buy
Quick Center for the Arts
Feb 04, 8:00pm
2/7 Princeton, NJ Buy
McCarter Theatre
Feb 07, 7:30 PM
2/8 Kutztown, PA Buy
Schaeffer Auditorium at Kutztown University
Feb 08, 7:30 PM
2/10 - 2/11 Pittsburgh, PA Buy
Byham Theater
Feb 10, 8:00 PM
Byham Theater
Feb 11, 8:00 PM
2/17 Clinton Township, MI Buy
Macomb Center for the Performing Arts
Feb 17, 7:30 PM
2/18 Midland, MI Buy
Midland Center for the Arts
Feb 18, 8:00pm
2/22 Dubuque, IA Buy
Heritage Center - University of Dubuque
Feb 22, 7:30pm
2/23 Madison, WI Buy
Wisconsin Union Theater: Shannon Hall
Feb 23, 8:00 PM
2/26 Manhattan, KS Buy
McCain Auditorium - Kansas State University
Feb 26, 7:30pm
2/28 Santa Fe, NM Buy
Lensic Performing Arts Center
Feb 28, 7:30pm
3/2 Aspen, CO Buy
Aspen District Theatre
Mar 02, 7:30pm
3/16 Fort Lauderdale, FL Buy
Au-Rene Theater at The Broward Center for the Performing Arts
Mar 16, 8:00pm
3/18 Orlando, FL Buy
Dr. Phillips Center
Mar 18, 8:00pm
3/21 Jacksonville, FL Buy
Florida Theatre
Mar 21, 8:00pm
3/23 Sarasota, FL Buy
Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall
Mar 23, 8:00 PM